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Founded Laredo, Texas 1985

The US Customs Service was created on July 31, 1789, to collect import tariffs. The Investigative Arm was the Customs Agency Service, Customs Agents, and later GS 1811 Criminal Investigators.

Agents served along the Southern Border as did Agents of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of Narcotics, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Immigration Investigators, The Drug Enforcement Administration, and Others.

This website is dedicated to GS 1811 Agents who served on the US/Mexican Border. Those who have been stationed and worked there for at least 3 years, at any time, or had direct supervision over such Agents qualify as Regular Members. We invite others to join us in this fraternal organization as Associate Members.


Hello, Fellow Rats!!!


As most of you know, we will be having the FOBA 2024 Convention in Laredo, Texas next year. It will take place around the weekend of Cinco De Mayo, May 4th to the 6th, 2024 and will be hosted by Jaime, Malena, Joe and Yvonne. I urge all of you to start making plans now to attend.


Be sure to call the La Posada Hotel directly at 800-444-2099 and tell them you have a Group Rate for FOBA.   

By the way the hotel offers free shuttle service from the Airport to the Hotel.  They request a call the day before to let them know the arrival time.

May is a great time to be in Laredo, weather-wise. Hope to see you there from May 4th to the 6th, 2024.  


Hasta Luego,

Gil Hinojosa